Wolfmueller on American Christianity

 | 174 words

I recently read Has American Christianity Failed?, by Bryan Wolfmueller. Mr. Wolfmueller explains the deficits and excesses of American Christianity precisely and cogently, while demonstrating an understanding of the nature of true Christianity in its physical, emotional, and spiritual qualities. American Christianity makes its teaching and practice about the individual Christian. This results in the burdens of legalism and works-based faith, excesses of emotion (for salvation is then ascertained by experiences), the rejection of the sacraments, and other disasters. Most of Mr. Wolfmueller’s observations were things which I had previously noted by myself; he stated them more precisely and analyzed them effectively. Since Mr. Wolfmueller is a Lutheran, the book is an apology of the Lutheran confessions. As a Reformed Christian, I think that Reformed Christianity presents similar or better solutions—at least, it has for me. I do recommend the book highly, though. It is short and a fairly easy read.

Wolfmueller, Bryan. Has American Christianity Failed? St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 2016.